A Study on The Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior Towards Two-Wheeler in Tiruvallur District

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N. Deepa


The present study is consumer-oriented in nature, pertaining to the preference of the consumers in Tiruvallur City. It focusses on certain objectives and based on survey method. The main purpose of the study is to know the Factors Influencing the Purchase the Two-Wheeler and Expectation of the Consumers in Purchase of Two-wheeler. Majority of the consumers prefer comfort, good after sales service, and smooth suspension. Based on these factors, consumers prefer the two wheelers. So, it is suggested from the research survey that the companies should often conduct a research survey to know the consumers’ preferences. If the companies identify the preference factors, they can easily compete, and also improve their sales. Though the sales of motorised two-wheeler are growing all the corners of the country, there are safety risks and galloping fuel price burden. New generation is demanding for sport bike for its speed. Increased road networks also added fuels for the customers to purchase two-wheelers. This study tried to identify factors which are mostly influenced the two-wheeler purchaser to fix-up their mind set before purchase a two-wheeler



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