Organizational Agility and Instructional Technology Skills amidst the Pandemic at State Universities and Colleges in the Philippines

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Vilma M. Santos


Organizations face challenges adapting their products and services to meet the changing demands amidst the pandemic. This study determined the organizational agility of the teaching force in terms of innovation/change, empowerment, tolerance, and instructional technology skills concerning planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities.  The study used the quantitative and qualitative designs. The quantitative data was gathered from the 127 faculty respondents through survey instruments and the qualitative data was gathered through an online Focus Group Discussion (FGD) using Google Meet. Data were statistically treated using mean, correlation procedures, F test, and schefee test. 

Results of the study unveil that the university’s organizational agility and instructional technology skills were very satisfactory. Findings further revealed no significant differences in the respondents’ assessment of organizational agility among colleges while significant correlations existed in organizational agility with instructional technology skills. A webinar on organizational agility and instructional technology skills was developed as a management intervention to address the findings of the study.


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