A Study on Factors of Underachievement in Education of Higher Secondary Students

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Dr. S. K. Panneer Selvam


A quality education is custom design that addresses the unique abilities of each student and has a positive emotional experience custom education evaluates natural talent and how the student learns. High and low achievement refer only to above and below average achievers, the concept of over and underachievement takes into account the academic achievement in relation to the intellectual level of the individual. Especially with respect to intelligence, wide variations have been observed amongst different individuals. It should be pointed out that overachievers are defined as those who achieve higher than what is expected to their intellectual level. Unfortunately, in India not much research work has been undertaken in this field. Some studies point out that a certain percentage of underachievement is not unnatural. Academic achievement has always been the centre of educational research and despite many varied statements about the aims of education, the academic development of a child continues to be the primary. The interest has now shifted to studying conditions which lead to low achievement in spite of the high intellectual level.


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