Attitude of Parents Towards Girls’ Education – A Case Study in Nalbari District of Assam

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Rahul Kalita, Sunil Kumar Das


Everyone has the rectitude to be educated without any bigotry of gender, color, location, or caste. The English word ‘Education’ emanated from the Latin word ‘Educare’ implies nourishing. Society’s advancement is enormously impacted by women’s education. Society can never be subsisted without women. They have all the liberties as men. But the inherited society has been overwhelmed by the erroneous notion of contemplating women as behind men in all orbs of life. As a result, it has become very substantial to remove this impulse and entrusted the woman to her reasonable position. This can only be achieved when girls are educated and they acknowledged their status. Consequently, the education of girls has become exceedingly substantial. Another path to peel off this notion by building up the mindset of parents toward girls’ education. Parents need to evolve an admiringly encouraging attitude toward the education of girls.


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