Analysing the impact of Digital Health Technologies on Healthcare Practices: A Computer Engineering and Medical Humanities Study.

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Gonesh Chandra Saha, Hasi Saha, Joti Devi, Uttam Barman, Rahul Prakash, Vijay Singh, Prasanta Kumar Parida


The integration of digital health technologies into healthcare practices has ushered in a new era of medical advancements and patient care. This paper presents a comprehensive study that bridges the realms of computer engineering and medical humanities to analyze the profound impact of digital health technologies on healthcare practices. Through a multidisciplinary lens, this research delves into the intricate interactions between technological innovations and the intricate socio-cultural, ethical, and psychological dimensions of healthcare. Drawing from computer engineering principles, the study examines the technical architecture, functionalities, and interoperability of digital health technologies such as electronic health records, telemedicine platforms, wearable devices, and AI-driven diagnostic tools. This assessment elucidates the efficiency gains, data management improvements, and communication enhancements that these technologies offer to healthcare practitioners and institutions. Simultaneously, the study employs the lens of medical humanities to unravel the intricate human aspects of this digital transformation. It investigates the patient experience, healthcare provider-patient relationship, and the evolving roles of healthcare professionals in the context of these technologies. By analyzing the ethical dilemmas, privacy concerns, and psychological impacts arising from increased digitization, the study uncovers the nuanced implications on patient autonomy, trust, and the sanctity of the patient-doctor bond. Through a synthesis of computer engineering insights and medical humanities perspectives, this paper offers a holistic understanding of how digital health technologies are reshaping healthcare practices. The findings provide actionable insights for policymakers, healthcare practitioners, engineers, and ethicists to navigate the evolving landscape of healthcare technology implementation. Ultimately, this study contributes to a nuanced dialogue that transcends disciplinary boundaries, fostering a comprehensive approach towards harnessing the potential of digital health technologies while upholding the core values of patient-centered care.


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