K R Meera’s “The Poison of Love”: An Essential Feminism

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Harishma. H.R, Dr. Shilipi Bhattacharya


Love is the universal emotions which reflects in every creature. The poison of love is a story where love became a curse. K R Meera who had a profound influence in writing. Her works was mostly scripted in Malayalam which got translated in English. The present work “The Poison of Love” is actually named as “Meerasadhu” in Malayalam got translated by Ministhy J in English. The present paper tries to analyse the feminine essence enhancing the essentialism feminism perspective. This branch of feminism highlights the feminine emotions. The present paper tries to analyse the sufferings of women to create an identity who are out of masculine norms, withholding their feminity. Love has various dimension but the present paper analyse corrosive love which submerge the life of the protagonist with darkness. The paper tries to analyse feminity as strength and weakness and different emotion of feminity such as love, care, jealousy, rage and revenge is presented in lime light. The life of self-castigation and self-flagellation is portrayed. The present paper tries to analyse the situation women in Vrindhavan who are mostly widows. The journey of life from everything to nothingness that leads to path of redemption and self - sacrifice can be seen in this present paper.


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