Under water Image Enhancement and Classification

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Manoj Pandian GV, Surendar M, Raja Pandi L, Bharath M


Attenuation, uneven, colour distortion, and reduced contrast in submerged images all manage disputing to analyse and define optical information. Diverse forms and algorithms have existed proposed to enhance the character of underwater figures and extract valuable information from ruling class, making important progress in the field of submerged figure enhancement and categorization in current years. We supply a inclusive overview of ultimate current methods for undersea representation enhancement and categorization in this place paper. The challenges and characteristics of underwater images are first discussed, and then various enhancement techniques like colour correction, contrast enhancement, and dehazing are presented. In addition, various feature extraction and classification algorithms, such as object recognition, texture analysis, and deep learning for underwater image analysis, are examined in this paper. The paper concludes with a critical evaluation of the current methods and recommendations for future research.


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