English Language Teaching through Project-Based Learning

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C. Siva Sankar


Project Based Learning is an instructional model. This model identifies problem and concludes with an authentic product. In this model, learner is an active problem solver. Subsequently, he/she becomes an investigator or a researcher and actively participates in decision making. Project works are useful in learning English as second language. The end-product of project-work provides opportunities for students to develop their confidence level and independent thinking, self-esteem, and positive attitudes toward learning. Students’ autonomy is strengthened when they are actively engaged in project planning with regard to choice of the topic. Project works increases cooperative skills, social, and group cohesiveness. Students have the opportunity to use language in a natural context and they participate in authentic activities which refer to activities designed to develop students’ problem solving skills in language. These activities are important in out-of-schools contexts in order to develop learning to learn. By using Project Based Learning as an integrative learning, English Language teacher can integrate four language learning skills namely; 1) Listening Skill, 2) Speaking Skill, 3) Reading Skill and 4) Writing Skill easily.


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