The Impact of the French Orientalist Regis Blachere on the Qur’anic Studies of Muhammad Abed Al-Jabri

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Ruqaya Haider Taher, Al-Qadi, Star Jaber Al-Araji


Before talking about Al-Jabri’s vision of the Qur’an and what is related to it, it would be better for us to show first that Al-Jabri had a project that he announced through his writings on the critique of the Arab mindset . In those writings , he explained what he sees of issues that  need to be addressed, that is the connection of the Arab mindset and its close relationship with the heritage. This project can be divided into three phases:

The first stage: It was expressed in his book Contemporary Arab Discourse, and it was like diagnosing the defects and showing the gaps that the Arab mind suffers from. The second stage: the search focused on the intellectual origins that affected the way of thinking and analysis of the Arab mind, by looking at the history of Islamic culture.The third stage is the step in which he searched for the sacred text around which the Islamic heritage revolves, which is the Holy Qur’an.

The second part: In his book, which consists of three parts: Understanding the Holy Qur’an: The Clear Interpretation according to the order of revelation, and these three stages lead to each other, and the latecomer took precedence over the early one. Knowing the introductions in his writings shows the researcher his intellectual origins from which he proceeds and his foundation upon which he builds.


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