Digital Transfer Work At University In Vietnam (Case At Banking University Of Ho Chi Minh City): Issues Need To Concern

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Tran Mai Uoc


In the current context, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a stage with the breakthrough of digital technologies leading to the intelligentization of all aspects of society. Digital transformation is the way to go in the development path of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, and an invaluable opportunity to develop higher education in Vietnam today. In the new trend, the application of digital transformation is considered a vital and objective solution in the process of mobilization and development of higher education institutions to increase the experience as well as to target learners. a better way. Defining digital transformation as an irreversible trend, but how can higher education institutions effectively apply digital transformation, build an ecosystem to create a digital transformation environment, and manage the transformation development? technology, technology selection, forecasting student trends, identifying core issues that need attention in the process of implementing digital transformation at universities are among the most urgent issues both in terms of its theoretical and practical properties. The article is to analyze and clarify issues of concern related to argument transfer at universities in Vietnam (the case at Ho Chi Minh City Banking University). The results show that the Vietnamese Party and State have issued many specific guidelines and policies related to digital transformation in general and digital transformation in higher education in particular. Practically during the implementation process at the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City in recent times, the core issues that need to be concerned in the digital transformation process are: human issues; cultural issues of digital transformation; improvement of the legal system. The limitation of this study is that it has not been able to identify and analyze the factors that affect and influence the argument transfer work at Banking University in Ho Chi Minh City.


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