The Impact Erbil Culture on Marketing planning of Shaqlawa Tourism Companies

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Dashti Hussain Ali


This study investigates the impact of Confucian values, which are an integral aspect of Erbil Culture, on the marketing strategies employed by tourism companies in Shaqlawa. The study utilized primary data gathered through a questionnaire-based survey conducted among tourism companies in Erbil, Kurdistan. What sets this study apart is its employment of the SEM research methodology to examine how Erbil culture influences the marketing planning of these tourism companies, with data analysis conducted using the AMOS 24 software. The collected data were subjected to stepwise regression and correlation analysis to yield the results. The findings indicate that Erbil Culture has a positive influence on the marketing planning of tourism companies, specifically those catering to people's tourism needs. This study's significant contribution lies in assessing the impact of unique and influential factors associated with Erbil Culture on the marketing planning practices of Shaqlawa Tourism Companies. Finally, the practical implications for managers are presented.



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