A Literature Review on The Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) In the Manufacturing Sector of India.

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Dr. Rashmi. M. J, Dr. M. S. Yathish Chandra


Total productive maintenance is one of the practices adopting by manufacturing industries to achieve zero losses in the area of overall performance efficiency at production process. Hence to have depth knowledge about the implementation of TPM and its implementation in Indian manufacturing industry a depth literature survey was carried in three areas such as Approaches, Tools & Techniques of TPM, Effectiveness and General Practices of TPM and Challenges of Implementation of TPM. The study revealed that TPM implementation is creating a positive impact on the production and operation process in maintaining overall equipment efficiency along with a safe and healthy working environment. This encouraged employees to work efficiently towards maintenance equipment at the production process, which leads to improve quality, productivity, and competitiveness of the organization’s performance through TPM implementation.


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