The Impact of E-Learning on the Professional Development of Arabic Language Teachers in Iraq, according to their Point of View

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Alaa Abdulkhaleq Hussein


This study aimed to determine how e-learning helped Arabic language teachers in Iraq advance their careers. The study employed a descriptive-analytical methodology and was conducted on a cluster sample of 100 Arabic language instructors and Iraqi schools. The findings revealed that the sample's overall questionnaire responses were moderate and that there were no statistically significant variations between the sample's mean replies by gender. Nevertheless, statistically substantial variations were based on years of experience and educational background. The study made several recommendations, including the need to create clear plans and strategies to improve the use of e-learning in schools in Iraq, providing the essential resources for ongoing development and improvement of this process, concentrating on providing the necessary technology and access to it in all regions of Iraq, and providing the essential technical and technological support to schools, teachers, and students to ensure the success of e-learning as a whole.


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