Dyslexi Duo: Design and Implementation of a comprehensive solution for Dyslexic Students

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Dr. R. Deepalakshmi, Shanmuga Priya M, Sneha S, Janani Priya T K, Srivarshini S


The prevalent learning disorder, dyslexia impair a person's capacity for reading, writing, and spelling. But with the aid of successful interventions like multisensory techniques, phonics training, and assistive technology, persons with dyslexia can improve their reading and writing skills and excel in school and in daily life. This research paper ‘Dyslexi Duo’ is a comprehensive solution for dyslexic students in all age group and includes 3 major sections. A Super Pad for the age group >18 to help them read digital documents like pdf with ease. An Interactive & Educational game - Hydra Hunt for the age group of 4-10 to learn formation of words with letters using both visual & auditory techniques. This game incorporates 4 key elements: storyline, clear goals, multiple levels, and points. An attached mobile application ‘Alpha360’ for the age group of 3-8, which is an interactive multimedia learning app using 3d viewing, Text to Speech, Speech to Text technology which acts as an effective multisensory approach. This entire application was tested & evaluated with dyslexic students of the corresponding age group. Overall, our application can be a one stop solution to help dyslexic students overcome their challenges at an earlier age and achieve academic success.


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