Role Of Emotional Intelligence in Increasing Customer Satisfaction of Banks in Chhattisgarh

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Satish Malik, Dr. Sumita Dave


The paper will probably recognize how customer esteem assessment in the Indian financial industry can direct the effect of customer information on administration quality and customer joy. This information can greatly streamline the effort banks put forth to attract the correct kind of clients. The study's findings showed that customer value appraisal was positively influenced by perceptions of service quality. Also, customer knowledge attenuated the association between the reliability and tangibility dimensions of service quality and customer value rating while strengthening the relationship between empathy and responsiveness. The research involves a case study of the banking industry and quantitative analysis. Customers and employees of the banking industry make up its population. Correlation tests and ordinary least squares regression are the two basic methods used to examine data. According to study findings, service delivery and customer satisfaction are substantially positively related to each emotional intelligence concept. It has been found that "interactive abilities" greatest affect administration delivery and customer joy, yet "mindfulness" presciently affect both results. The administration of banks is encouraged to utilize preparing and human asset improvement drives to give staff the capabilities of the four parts of emotional intelligence, paying exceptional accentuation to "interactive abilities" in this regard.


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