A Study of Video Marketing as a Strategic Tool for E-Commerce in Bangalore

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Vipanchi V., Dr. Manju Priya R., Vinutha N. V.


Marketing is an art as well as a science. Due to volatile marketplaces and never-ending customer expectations, it has become imperative for the firms to think and act out-of-the-box to stay competitive. In order to survive and grow, the corporate firms have been using creative and innovative methods to attract, retain the customers. At the same time, customer engagement is equally important. India is a home to 467 Million social media users. Around 32.8% of total population use social media in the country (DataReportal.com, 2023). Social media is available and accessible in multimedia format. However, several studies indicate that video marketing is more popular due to its competitive features such as animation, music, special effects and appealing tone. Video marketing is widely used and preferred by all age groups. The present study aims to analyze video marketing as a strategic tool. The e-commerce sector is targeted in this regard. The region of study is Bangalore city of Karnataka state. A structured questionnaire is used for data collection of e-commerce marketing professionals (e-commerce employees). Sample size remains 160. The study is significant as it deals with sustainable business growth, competition management and digital disruption of e-commerce industry in India.


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