Level of Historical Culture of Intermediate School Students

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Narges Aidan Kazem Hammadi, Mahdi Jader Habib


The current study's overarching goal is to get insight into intermediate  school students ' familiarity with historical concepts and methods. the researcher used a descriptive method to get there. The students were selected randomly. The researcher developed a 40-item scale to measure historical culture's dimensions, the scale's validity and reliability were established, and the results showed that students in the intermediate  of the first grade (the research sample) have a high historical culture, with the emotional dimension ranking high on the lists of both conservatives and traditionalists. Specifically, the norms and beliefs that define Iraqi culture. Based on the findings, the researcher suggests the Ministry of Education establish a training programme for social studies instructors that takes into account the importance of historical culture. And a desire to learn from other cultures by engaging with historical culture on social media; her suggestions include incorporating social curricula for historical culture's values and addressing the role of independent variables in shaping that culture at later stages of schooling.


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