Strategic Leadership Impact On Enhancing Tourism Security: An Exploratory Study Of Opinions Of A Sample Of Managers At Baghdad International Airport"

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Ehsan Adnan Abdullah, Dina Hamed Jamal


The aim of this current study Know impact of strategic leadership(SL) on enhancing tourist security (TS) at Baghdad International Airport. problem study revolves around main question, which is to determine extent of influence of (SL) (strategic orientation"SO", core capabilities, organizational culture, ethical practices, regulatory control) It  promoting tourist security (cooperation, training(CT) , education, tourism human resources"THR", physical measures, and prediction) at Baghdad International Airport. The study employed a descriptive-analytical approach based on nature of study variables (SL) ," HTS" to collect data and identify characteristics of phenomenon under investigation in field aspect, leading to discussion of hypotheses , their variables. The study sample included 74 directors ,department heads from Civil Aviation Authority at Baghdad International Airport. Questionnaires designed according "Likert5" scale were distributed participants, with 74 questionnaires handed out ,70 valid ones retrieved for statistical analysis, while 4 questionnaires were excluded for statistical analysis due to invalidity. For purpose of data measurement and hypothesis testing, researcher used statistical software, including AMOS,SPSS, V.25  as well as a range of statistical methods , techniques (normality test, multiple regression, face validity, Cranach's alpha, factor analysis, sample adequacy, construct validity, mean, standard deviation, variance, Pearson correlation coefficient, simple linear regression, multiple linear regression, Z-test). study yielded several results, most significant of which is that ethical practices, including functional sense , regulatory control, which involve advanced practices, technology use, enhance tourist security (HTS) at Baghdad Airport, representing primary influential dimensions for maintaining (HTS). On other hand, other strategic dimensions, such as prediction, had only a minor, if not negligible, impact on HTS at Baghdad International Airport.


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