Pedagogical System Of Developing Affiliative Motivation In Students Based On A Cooperative Approach

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Omonova Nilufar Amon daughter


This article describes the meaning, place, importance, and advantage of developing affiliative motivation based on a cooperative approach. The need to develop affiliation among students is based on a cooperative approach. It is necessary for students of higher education institutions to actively communicate and understand each other's character so that they can work together on the basis of a cooperative approach during the educational process. For this, it is important for students to properly organize interaction in cooperative activities and to be able to adapt to each other in the process of establishing a relationship. The article describes the types of cooperation and the conditions for the proper organization of the cooperation environment. The development of affiliative motivation in students based on a cooperative approach is an opportunity for the teacher. Because it is important to be able to use it during the lesson. The reason is that it allows the teacher to convey more information in less time allocated for the lesson. Also, the article explains the conditions for the correct and equal distribution of tasks in cooperation, the effective use of various methods of communication in the work of students in small groups, and its advantages. Accordingly, in the article, the types and methods of the cooperative approach are scientifically analyzed, the possibilities of using the cooperative approach in the process of higher education and the results of its effectiveness are explained, the level of significance of the development of affiliative motivation in students based on the cooperative approach is scientifically analyzed.


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