Pedagogical System Of Developing Spiritual And Moral Competence Of Schoolchildren In Learning English

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Arzieva Bibi-Sanem Aynazarovna


The article provides information about the pedagogical system of developing the moral and moral competence of schoolchildren in learning English. The issue of conceptualizing the spiritual and moral competence of schoolchildren in English language learning is the conceptual basis of the spiritual and moral competence of students. Learning English should improve students' spiritual and moral culture, develop their logical thinking, have a serious effect on memory, expand their worldview, and increase their general level of knowledge. It is recommended to use traditional and innovative educational technologies, including problem-based learning, cooperative learning, contextual learning, interactive learning, case method, brainstorming method, pyramid, World cafe, Mind map and many other technologies in the formation of general cultural and spiritual and moral competences of schoolchildren. 



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