The Method of Improving The Pedagogical Ability of Students Based on Reflexive Educational Technologies

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Donayeva Shakhnoza Abduraimovna


Around the world, in the studies of pedagogy and psychology, reflection is considered as the ability of a person to consciously "look from the surface" of his thoughts, feelings and actions, to evaluate his decisions and to set a perspective. This is a reflection of a person's attention to himself, his critical and analytical thoughts about himself. A person looks at himself, his inner world "from the outside". That is, it is figuratively divided into the inner "I" and the outer "I". This situation increases the pedagogue's internal management and self-control skills and increases his activity in the teaching process. In this sense, the issue of reflection is very important in the modern education system and can be the subject of extensive research. First of all, a teacher should know how to address himself. He needs to fully understand his inner world, to be able to foresee the driving factors, causes and consequences of his actions.

We can see that important tasks for the self-development of pedagogues have been defined in the reforms implemented in the field of education in our country today. In particular, in order to improve methods for improving pedagogical education and teachers' competence, "stimulating research and innovation activities, creating effective mechanisms for the implementation of scientific and innovation achievements in practice, specialized scientific training at higher educational institutions and research institutes - creation of experimental laboratories, high technology centers and technology parks" is defined as one of the priority tasks. In essence, the profession of pedagogy requires constant social activity from a person.


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