The Effectiveness of Physical Activity Interventions for Reducing Stress in College Students

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Ravindra Baliram Khandare


College life is a challenging period characterized by increased academic demands, social adjustments, and personal transitions, making it a time of heightened stress for many students. Stress negatively impacts academic performance, overall well-being, and mental health. As a potential solution to alleviate stress and promote mental well-being, physical activity interventions have gained attention in recent years. This research paper aims to investigate the effectiveness of various physical activity interventions, including aerobic exercises, yoga, and mindfulness-based practices, in reducing stress among college students. Through a comprehensive review of existing literature and empirical studies, this paper will explore the impact of physical activity on stress reduction, elucidate the physiological and psychological mechanisms involved, and offer insights into the most effective intervention strategies for supporting college students' mental well-being.


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