Role Of Smart Logistics Are Powering the Future of Saudi Arabia's Trade Under Vision 2030.

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Maqsood Hussain Junnaidi


Since 2020, business communities and consumers have been living in a pandemic. This made a lot of consumers start the buying process online, besides the ones that were already doing so before. This movement puts an extra burden on companies, especially in the logistics industry. Nowadays, business communities need to look at smart logistics. It is a way to gain a competitive advantage over other competitors. Therefore, a majority of companies are already using smart logistics solutions, especially in Saudi Arabia, that include ascendable, adaptable, and future-oriented technologies to make operations more efficient, and successful in a smarter way for better trade practices.  According to Vision 2030, the most preferable pillar in trade is the logistics area. It is a capable trade path and effectively connected to regions like Asia, Europe, and Africa, as well as within the region also. As per the vision of 2030, this path has started to be clear with efforts continuing to make import and export more compatible. The quantitative and qualitative approach used for this research.. The study reveals that business communities and stakeholders utilize smart logistics technology to enhance the efficiency of the overall logistics process and fully meet the requirements of demand-oriented customers in world trade by Saudi Arabia.  This research also contemplated highlighting the challenges of smart logistics in Saudi Arabia's trade and commerce and also finds the solution for better performance in the future under the vision of 2030 so that the Saudi Arabian Trade can be enhanced further using smart logistics in a professional way.


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