Acceptability Of 3es Module Writing Model in Higher Education Institution

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Liza Marie M. Manoos


Due to the global health crisis, educational needs and solutions have received attention in academic institutions. With this, Marinduque State College developed the 3Es (Elicit, Explain and Evaluate) Module Writing Model to be used in flexible learning modality. This research aims to determine the acceptability of the instructional material. Specifically, it aims to identify the number of faculty that uses the model; determine the usual parts included in each section; identify the different forms where the model is being used; determine its acceptability in terms of adaptability, structure, usability, and perceived effectiveness; identify any recommendations and comments from the faculty that can improve the model; and ascertain significant agreement among the evaluators. The researcher used a quantitative–descriptive approach through the use of a validated questionnaire given to faculty members of Marinduque State College during the Midyear of academic year 2022. It was found out that the model is used by all respondents but how it is used depends on the course being taught. The objectives of the lesson are frequently included in the elicit section of the instructional material. Discussion of the subject, along with practice exercises and activities, can be found in the explain section. Assessment and reinforcing activities are typically included in the evaluate section. The instructional paradigm was discovered to be used in online learning resources and for presentation reasons. In terms of adaptability, structure, usability, and perceived efficacy, the 3Es Instructional Model was determined to be acceptable in all forms (Elicit, Explain, and Evaluate portions). It was suggested that the concept be adopted and modified for technical and skill-oriented courses. The model's qualities have moderate agreement among the evaluators.


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