Logistic 2D Map based Elliptic Curve Cryptography Encryption Scheme with Key optimization using Pathfinder and Falcon Algorithms for Providing Enhanced Security in Open Social Networks

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Durga Nadarajan, T. Pramananda Perumal


Objectives: The main objective of this study is to develop a new chaotic-based image encryption scheme with key optimization to provide enhanced security over open social networks(OSNs) since the shared informations  raise a number of security and privacy concern while uploading the contents like images, audio and video. Methods: The image encryption is done using proposed Elliptic Curve Cryptography and Logistic 2Dimensional Map Encryption (ECC-L2DME) scheme. The images for encryption are gathered from online open source; then  shuffling of rows and column  is performed on each  image which is represented by a matrix of rows and columns of pixels. Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is used to encrypt every shuffled image, where the key is optimized with the help of Combined Pathfinder and Falcon Optimization (CPFO) algorithm. Then every encrypted image along with optimal key is given as input to the logistic 2Dimensional map encryption. Findings: Performance evaluation is done with various image encryption metrics and the resultant outcome is compared with existing optimization algorithms. On comparison, the results show that the total processing time(36.84 ms) of our proposed  Combined Pathfinder and Falcon Optimization ECC-L2DME-based security scheme is less than that of the Dingo Optimization(66.27 ms), Black Widow Optimization(54.13 ms), PathFinder Optimization (66.86 ms) and Falcon Optimization (76.03 ms) and the memory space for encryption (404.02 KB) of our Combined Pathfinder and Falcon Optimization ECC-L2DME-based security scheme is less than that of the Dingo Optimization(790.3 KB), Black Widow Optimization(782.07 KB), PathFinder Optimization (561 KB) and Falcon Optimization (763.04 KB ). Hence, our proposed CPFO with ECC-L2DME scheme is better than other optimization algorithms with respect to security in OSNs. Novelty: The novelty of this study is to optimize the key and reduce the processing time using the ECC-L2DME with CPFO and thus this study has achieved an enhanced performance to provide security in OSNs.


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