The Implementation of the University-Wide Interconnectivity Project towards its Progress

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Johannes M. Camasura


Universities today are in critical need of an integrated university information system. This study aimed to see how far the University-wide Interconnectivity Project has progressed. Cebu Technological University's eight satellite campuses and main campus were surveyed using a descriptive survey method. According to the findings, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) installed a guaranteed 50Mbps upstream and downstream fiber optic leased line connection, with 10 Mbps and 40 Mbps allotted to eight campuses. The EDP Office on the main campus received a one 24-port managed switch, while each external campus received an eight-port gigabit switch. A wireless canopy has been installed for all satellite campuses. The connectivity of the institution was found to be sufficient to cater to the system's needs. However, the university information system encountered issues such as campus internal network stability, power fluctuation issues, lack of qualified personnel, and workstation security system updates and maintenance issues. Information technologies continue to drive the progress of communications and connectivity on the Internet of Things (IoT). In this connection, CTU's internet connectivity system must constantly be enhanced to cater to the institution's increasing needs.



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