An Analytical Examination of Self-Efficacy Among Teachers at The Elementary School Level

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Dr. Praveen Kumar.T. D, Viney Kumari


The present research aims for a comparative study of Self Efficacy among Rural and Urban elementary school teachers. In the present study, a sample of 302 rural and urban elementary teachers of Mansa district, Punjab has been collected during the academic year of 2022-23. Data regarding the Self Efficacy of elementary teachers were collected through simple random sampling technique through survey method. The tool used for the present study was Teacher Self Efficacy scale developed by Sushma Talesara and Fazana Irfan (2018). The reliability of the test was determined by test-Retest Method. The test-retest reliability was found to be 0.78. The separate variance model of t-test was used for testing the hypotheses for the significance of mean difference in the Self Efficacy scores of various groups of locality was compared. The findings revealed that there is no significant difference of self-efficacy among Gender belonging to different locality. There is no significant difference of self-efficacy of Male and Female elementary teachers belonging to rural and urban schools.


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