Analysis, Diagnostic, and Treatment of Gastric Cancer using Machine Learning Techniques: A Study

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R. Delshi Howsalya Devi, S. Parasuraman, A. Manimaran, T. Sangeetha Sudhakar


Gastric cancer (GC) is a prominent disease with tumors in many of pathological research. Treatment must be suggested for early detection by using pathological confirmation through endoscopic examination. Mostly, 50 years old adults suffer from GC and 50 percent of humans die even with the treatment. This GC has affected adults who have poor prognoses. Most of the GC insists the outcomes as not stable in genetic, microsatellite, and or chromosomal of gastric carcinogenesis. Deep Learning (DL) plays an important role in exploring gastric cancer with higher accuracy with various numerous tests by Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) than the existing system models. Most of the GC patients are irregular in cell shape with multinucleation common in the nucleus and having more giant cells. Actually, the location of the GC is clearly determined by the DL in the images. The patients were diagnosed by the GC in different methods and various treatments have been analyzed for different sections. This chapter describes proposes (i) the firstly diagnosis of gastric cancer (ii) different treatments with medicine (iii) Prognosis (iv) Prevent gastric cancer. These four works have to be described and implemented by using deep learning. Diagnosis: the upper endoscopy is analyzed to test the stomach cancer. Upper Endoscopy: A Thin tube with a small camera is passed through the throat and into the stomach. It can also be done by taking a sample of tissue from the stomach and further samples are tested in the lab. Treatments: The treatment depends on the location of the affected region(stomach) and its stages.  To the relieving pain.Prognosis: Prognosis is how likely your cancer can be cured. At early stages cancer is good but as time goes on, the chance of survival is risky. Even though the treatment is available these may only control the effect of cancer and can prolong your life but cannot be cured completely this prognosis includes the type of cancer, stage, affected region, and overall health. Prevention: Limit your amount of alcohol consumption, avoid smoking and tobacco products, treat helicobacter pylori infection, and aspirin use (with doctor’s approval), avoid radiation exposure, and maintain good health with proper physical activities.


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