Trust Based Security Model for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

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A.B. Hajirabe, D. Saravanan, C. Jayapratha, S. Parasuraman, A. Manimaran


To offer robust security throughout network communication, Two Stage Security Node Authentication (TSSNA) is proposed for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). In terms of data privacy and genuine communication, this enhances security. Everynode that enters into the networkshould get registered withBase Station (BS)here since the nodes distributed over the network should interact with one another in a secured environment. Choosing trustworthy nodes during the preliminary stage involves removing malicious nodes from the communication process. This is carried out through node contact ratio which is determined using direct trust and recommended trust. The secondary stage uses an asymmetric random key generator to produce the keys for the chosen trustworthy nodes and fully excludes the unfairness nodes from the process of communication. The suggested TSSNA system has the capacity to identify malicious node operations, to offer high level security, and to withstand various security threats. The proposed approach provides better delivery rates with high key matching ratio, as demonstrated by simulation results.


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