Effectiveness of Motivation and Quality of Work Life on Employee Engagement and Employee Productivity

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S. Shahul Ameed, S. Senthil Kumar, P. Kasinatha Pandian, B. Sundara Pandian, J. Sudhakar


Purpose of the study is "Motivation Factors and Quality of Work Life on Employee Productivity and Employee Engagement". In terms of sustainable development, a nation's institutions' performance and efficacy are essential. Working successfully and efficiently is one of the most important components in guaranteeing the success and effectiveness of businesses with enough human resources. In this sense, "motivation" is one of the most important factors in increasing employee productivity, institutional contribution, and workplace quality of life. Motivation is crucial in the corporate world. Higher motivation boosts the institution's contribution through increasing personnel productivity. Quality of life at work is presented as one of the techniques that a business may utilize to increase employee productivity and acquire a competitive edge. The necessary information was gathered from several vehicle factories in Tamil Nadu. SPSS was used to examine the data. For analysis, statistical techniques are applied. As a result, motivation and the quality of work life have a considerable influence on employee productivity and involvement in their job. Employee productivity, institutional effectiveness, and work-life quality all improve when employees are more motivated. Institutions should use motivating reasons.


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