Worker Participation at Workplace During Epidemic

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S. Shahul Ameed, S. Senthil Kumar, T. Thilak, J. Sudhakar, R. Praveen


Epidemic is one environmental uncertainty that has drastically influenced world flow. The Epidemic's social and economic effects will be terrible for everyone and far-reaching. Every nation in today's interconnected world will be affected by the Epidemic's destruction. Every area of life, whether it be the social, economic, or any other, has seen ups and downs. Particularly the Epidemic has had a significant impact on workers' environments in the workplace. This study explores the ways in which employees of pharmaceutical companies engaged in their work during the epidemic. The study's primary goal is to identify the difficulties faced by workers during the Epidemic, with particular reference to the pharmaceutical sector. In this study, primary and secondary data were also utilised. The convenience sampling method was used to select a sample of 100 individuals. Self-administered questionnaires are used for this work. Likert scale questions with a five-point range were included. Information was gathered using a Google form. responses from renowned pharmaceutical businesses in Tamil Nadu. Based on data analysis, it was concluded that companies should adhere to Epidemic protocols, foster a very hygienic work environment for employees, and require pharmaceutical companies to provide risk coverage for all employees in the event that they were involved in accidents or became ill. Some fun hobbies might boost their energy levels. Engaging the entire family, including the children, increases involvement. A genuine praise is always appreciated.


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