A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employees with Reference to Finolet

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Dr Jeya lakshmi R, Dr. K. Sentamil selvan, Dr. S. Helen Roselin Gracy, Dr. K. Maran


Job satisfaction refers to a person’s feeling towards how fulfilled he/she is with the job.  This also enables them to feel motivated. It is not the self-satisfaction, ecstasy or self-happiness but the contentment on the job. Fulfillment implies the basic fondness state along with the accomplishment by a motivation of its goal. (Kalluvelil Janardhanan, 2011) Hoppock depicts Job satisfaction as "some blend of psychological, physiological and environmental   conditions that reason and individual sincerely to say I am contented with my work. Job satisfaction is characterized as the, "enjoyable deep state coming about because of the estimate of one's occupation as achievement of working with the triumph of one's work values. (Krishna, 2016)



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