Struggles Of Chattampi Swamikal Against Caste Divisions in Kerala

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V.T. Jayasree, Dr. A. H Mohideen Badshah


Kerala produced many great social reformers and literary scholars. Chattambi Swami was one of the leading figures among them. He had a unique personality. He was the pioneer of Kerala renaissance and reformation movement. He was a great yogi too. He studied the Vedas and yogic texts with a child like curiosity and openness of mind. He was innately blessed with two qualities. He made revolutionary attempts to explain Vedic theories to ordinary people in a simple language and thereby to free them from the darkness of ignorance. He was a great visionary and Strived hard to liberate Kerala society from the grips of caste system and social injustice. This article describes the role of Chattambi Swami in liberating Kerala society from its social shortcomings and contributions to enrich the Kerala literary scene.


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