Social Media as A Tool for Improving Communication Skills of College Students

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Mr. Upakul Patowary, Dr Jeuti Talukdar


India is a country of young people. The youngsters use the social media proactively. Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp are the most widely used social media networking sites in India. The present research aims to explore how social media can be used constructively to improve communication skills for college students. The study is experimental in nature. The north-east region is considered for the present study. The simple random sampling was used in this regard. Facebook was introduced as a new communication tool or control group control in which the status quo is maintained. The results demonstrate that Facebook integration enabled teachers to reach out to students more effectively, bridging communication gaps associated with the dropout phenomena. The research also discovered a decrease in the course failure rate, pointing to a beneficial effect on student retention. Additionally, students' general course performance increased, supporting Facebook's ability to be a catalyst for greater learning outcomes. The calculated incorporation of Facebook as a supplementary means of communication in the distinctive educational environment of North-East India has potential for establishing meaningful faculty-student contact, reducing dropout rates, and improving student accomplishments in online education.


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