Big Data in Human Resource Management - Exploring Opportunities and Challenges to Manage Human Capital

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Dr. Varadaraj Aravamudhan, Dr K Sivakumar, K. Mohanasundaram


Research has been transformed by big data analytics in a lot of areas like corporate areas of accounting, marketing, supply chain management, and finance. Discussions related to big data analytics have focused mainly on screenings of job candidates in HRM. This study will focus on the usage of big data analytics to address the concerns related to human capital, so that HR can improve the overall productivity of the firm.


This study will also focus on assessing workforce performance with big data sources in real-time to identify and develop the talents who can play a vital role in firm performance and strengthen capabilities of the firm. To ensure successful implementation of big data in the field of HRM, there is also a need to address ethical and regulatory issues like privacy concerns. This study will also discuss how big data can make strategic change in the human resource management and firm as a whole. To fulfil all these objectives, this study will be based on literature search by searching for relevant studies conducted in recent years related to big data analytics. It will add further knowledge to the domain of human resource and help practitioners to address challenges and help organizations to make the most of opportunities related to big data analytics.


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