Study of Fundamentals of Sustainable Cloud Computing and Available Technique for Resource Allocation

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Dr. Namita Chawla, Dr. Nirvikar Katiyar


In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for their computational and application services, major cloud providers like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon depend significantly on datacenters to store and process the necessary information. Yet, the financial and carbon footprint associated expenses of operating such huge infrastructure significantly undermines the sustainability of cloud services. The majority of current initiatives largely concentrate on reducing the amount of energy that is used by servers. In this article, we propose a conceptual model and practical design principles for holistic management of all resources (including servers, networks, storage, and cooling systems) in cloud data centre, with the goals of increasing energy efficiency and lowering carbon footprints (CDCs). In addition, we examine the linked connection between energy and dependability for sustainable cloud computing, where we emphasize the accompanying research difficulties. Ultimately, our goal is to make cloud computing more environmentally friendly. Finally, we offer a number of prospective research paths in the subject and build foundations for further practical improvements.


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