Hydrotropic Solubilization of Anticancer Agents for Oral Drug Delivery and Analytical Method Development: A Review

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Santosh Karajgi, R.V. Kulkarni, Shripad Potadar, Anand Ingale


The management of cancer is till today remained a foremost challenge. But then remarkable advancement in the discovery of anticancer drugs and drug development has happened in the past few years. Nevertheless, this development has stemmed in a small number of efficacious oncological drug products owing to challenges connected with anticancer therapy and drug delivery. Although the most ideal route for anticancer drug therapy and delivery is oral administration, however the mainstream of anticancer agents at present in production channels and the most of them have been approved for commercial use have intrinsically poor aqueous solubility and without compromising with their potency and stability, this process cannot be improved. The poor aqueous solubility of anticancer drug substances in combination with other issues, heads to sub-optimal pharmacokinetic activity. As a result, these drug candidates have partial efficacy and safety parameters on oral administration. The hydrotropic solubilization is an encouraging formulation tools that predominantly improves the water solubility of poorly aqueous-soluble drug substances. In the present review, the challenges linked with the oral anticancer drug administration and the applications of hydrotropic solubilization technology in improving these types of challenges are discussed. We highlight the capacity of hydrotropic solubilizing agents not only to enhance the pharmacokinetic parameters of poorly aqueous-soluble anticancer drug substances, but furthermore their efficacy concerns and safety. The objective of this article is to account for the applicability of hydrotropic solubilization in formulating the anticancer drug substances, thus producing quality oncological formulations that head to better therapeutic products.


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