An Efficient Performance Analysis of Various filters involved in Preprocessing of Finger Vein Images.

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Anusha S.K., Dr. A. Yesu Raja, Dr. P. Raajan


In the present scenario, preprocessing is a crucial task in various image processing tasks. Elimination of noises is a primary task in digital image processing in which the accurate output is being a challenging task due to the issues in pre-processing or in the elimination of noises. Various noises are been dominated in  image processing tasks which makes a challenging task in the terms of accuracy. In this paper various pre-processing techniques are been analyzed with various leading filters and are experimented with different image. In order to find the best method  to eliminate  the most dominant noises present in the images to accomplish the successive tasks. Based on the results obtained the guided filter provides the better results compared with the existing various filters which are been used in the experimentation. The performance of the filters are been evaluated with the performance measure MSE and PSNR. Compared with the various filters the Guided filter performs well in which compared with the various filters.


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