A Bibliometric Analysis of Green Banking: Evidences from the Last Decade

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Ruchika Nachaal, Dr. Parveen Singh Kalsi


Growing global concern about climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, industrial pollution control, waste management, and environmental protection has piqued countries' and policymakers' attention to innovative financial products and services used to address a broader range of environmental concerns. So, Green Banking has drawn a lot of interest due to the surge in environmental awareness. This study tries to discover several aspects of green banking research. The authors conducted a bibliometric review of green finance from 2014 to 2023 using the Scopus database to determine the current trend and progress in the subject. The paper gives a comprehensive bibliometric study that includes inputs that other scholars on this topic have not considered.  The R software was used to graphically assess the data and find co-occurrence patterns as well as important research themes. The graphical and systematic mapping depicts the progression of publications through time and identifies current research topics of interest. The findings suggest that green finance research has gained popularity since 2014. The analysis provides a complete overview of green banking-related research, allowing academics and policymakers to better assess patterns and future directions. The current work focuses on document publications year-wise, document categories, document subject areas, the most significant articles, citation of papers, various journal sources, and the co-occurrence of green banking keywords.


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