Reversible Data Hiding in Medical Images Using Histogram Modification

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Prakasha Raje Urs M, Santhosh Kumar B N , Dr. Sheela T


Secrecy of information is very important which leads a way for data hiding through images. The special case of lossless recovery of data as well as cover media is known to be reversible data hiding. In this paper, we will present a method to hide data in medical images, with images being the cover media. It is implemented in the spatial domain utilizing histogram modification technique. The proposed method first employs creation of modified histogram based on adjacent pixel differences and then histogram modification algorithm is applied. Data embedding varies the pixel values based on neighbouring pixel values and on the correlation between adjacent pixels. Data extraction is performed as opposite to the embedding. We chose some common medical images like CT, MRI, Ultrasound, etc.  We performed our proposed technique and obtained result and calculated using various statistical parameters like Mean, Median, SSIM, PSNR, BPP, etc. We have implemented our technique using MATLAB Graphical User Interface (GUI), thereby representing it as an application of telemedicine.



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