A Quantitative Assessment of Muscle Strength in The Upper Limbs with and Without Workout

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Amol Kumar, Manoj Duhan, Poonam Sheoran


The present study has been undertaken to analyze and investigate the forelimb muscles strength with and without workout (exercise). Ten healthy subjects (18 to 25 years) have been chosen on the basis of their age, height, weight and workout (exercises/Gym). The experiment was conducted for with workout and without workout having a set of 5 kg and 10 kg resistance band loads, at three different arm angle positions- 300, 900 and 1500 respectively. Three levels of arm angle positions performed by the subjects at 30°, 90°, and 150°, during the above mentioned each resistance band set. The results show that the stress value with workout (exercise) reduces upto 30% as compared to without workout (exercise), so stress reduces with workout.


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