Evaluation of 8-Hydroxy Deoxyguanosine Levels, as a Marker of Oxidative Stress in Chronic Gingivitis and Chronic Periodontitis Individuals During the Course of Phase 1 Periodontal Therapy in Comparison with Periodontally Healthy Individuals

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Stuti Chandrajit Jha1, Amit Chaudhari, Vidya Dodwad, Dhananjay Dhiren Sheth, Nishita Bhosale, Anindita Kundoo


AIM:  The aim was to evaluate the levels of 8-Hydroxy deoxyguanosine levels, as a marker of oxidative stress in Chronic Gingivitis and Chronic Periodontitis individuals during the course of Phase 1 periodontal therapy in comparison with Periodontally healthy Individuals.

MATERIALS AND METHOD:  All the individuals were divided into 3 groups each including 16 subjects. Group 1 included healthy subjects and group 3 and 4 included subjects with chronic gingivitis and chronic periodontitis respectively. Saliva sam    ples were collected and the 8-OHdG levels were assessed.

RESULTS: The levels reduced to 1.59±0.50 in chronic periodontitis group one month after scaling and root planing. A statistically non-significant value of 0.09 was recorded. The levels in chronic gingivitis group was 1.20±0.89.

CONCLUSION: From the above study it can be concluded that 8-OHdG is an important biomarker of oxidative stress and is increased in patients with chronic gingivitis and chronic periodontitis


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