Evaluation of 8-Hydroxy Deoxyguanosine Levels, as a Marker of Oxidative Stress in Chronic Gingivitis and Chronic Periodontitis Individuals During the Course of Phase 1 Periodontal Therapy in Comparison with Periodontally Healthy Individuals.

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Stuti Chandrajit Jha, Amit Chaudhari, Vidya Dodwad, Dhananjay Dhiren Sheth, Nishita Bhosale, Anindita Kundoo


Aim:  The Aim Was To Evaluate The Levels Of 8-Hydroxy Deoxyguanosine Levels, As A Marker Of Oxidative Stress In Chronic Gingivitis And Chronic Periodontitis Individuals During The Course Of Phase 1 Periodontal Therapy In Comparison With Periodontally Healthy Individuals.

Materials And Method:  All The Individuals Were Divided Into 3 Groups Each Including 16 Subjects. Group 1 Included Healthy Subjects And Group 3 And 4 Included Subjects With Chronic Gingivitis And Chronic Periodontitis Respectively. Saliva Samples Were Collected And The 8-Ohdg Levels Were Assessed.

Results: The Levels Reduced To 1.59±0.50 In Chronic Periodontitis Group One Month After Scaling And Root Planing. A Statistically Non-Significant Value Of 0.09 Was Recorded. The Levels In Chronic Gingivitis Group Was 1.20±0.89.

Conclusion: From The Above Study It Can Be Concluded That 8-Ohdg Is An Important Biomarker Of Oxidative Stress And Is Increased In Patients With Chronic Gingivitis And Chronic Periodontitis.


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