The impact of organizational prosperity in tourism crisis management: An survey study in the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities

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Yaser Abd Al-mohsen, Prof. Dr. Dina Hamid Jamal


The current study aims to try find out relationship between organizational prosperity(OP) and its three dimensions in managing tourism crisis(TCM) measuring the impact on the crisis in order to achieve the goal of tourism organization and develop solutions and options necessary to address knowledge , professional gap between them. problem of the study focused on widening gap for tourism crisis when organization focuses on unproductive methods problem resulted in a question, which is extent to which methods and techniques of (OP) are used on tourism crisis(TC) ? study was conducted on a group from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Iraq , distributed 100 questionnaires, so final analysis for it was (85) forms, study concluded that there is a correlation and impact of prosperity techniques(TCM), planning for it, and developing necessary solutions to face crisis and reduce effects. Due study recommended taking necessary measures to enhance and improve dimensions of (OP) in order to surround crisis reduce damages, as well as reduce costs, which contributes to gaining satisfaction and acceptance for target group.


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