Impact of Organisational Change Towards Employees Behaviour in Government Financial Institutions

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S. R.Venkatesh Kumar, G. Balachandar


This study applying change management affects employees by making them feel considered and respected, which supports them while coping with change and resistance. This requires change management practitioners to understand, relate and mitigate potential stress and fears arising in an employee, some may disagree with the direction the company is going, while others may think that changes are detrimental to the work they have already done. Employees may lose faith in the company Readiness to Change during times of organizational change because they don't fully believe in the plan the purpose of this case study was to explore the impact of the organizational change on employee behavior and performance in the Organizational change is the process in which firms renews itself continuously by redefining their dynamic capacity and their strategic position for optimizing their performance in a perfect situation as well in reaction to the development in its external and internal environment. For this research work public sector employees from financial sector are respondents. The researchers have analyzed by conducting interviews with the officials of the companies.


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