Formulation And Evaluation of an Herbal Ointment containing Neem and Turmeric Extracts

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Harshkumar Brahmbhatt, Naseena. P, Nazia Malik, Anasuya Patil*, Yogesh Dagadu Pawar, Ankur Patel, Rajeev Ranjan, Ashish Suttee


Interest in usage of herbal remedies have significantly increased in recent years, even in areas where access to modern treatment is available.  Phytochemicals and herbal remedies have gained popularity recently a lot of attention because medicinal plants are the primary source of bioactive molecules utilized in both conventional and medicine of the modern age. The purpose of this study is to create and test an ointment containing Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Turmeric (Curcuma longa) extracts. The maceration procedure was used to prepare the ethanolic extracts. The extract was blended with the base using the levigation procedure to generate the ointment after the ointment base was prepared. When it was finished, the formulation's physicochemical properties—such as color, fragrance, pH, spreadability, extrudability, consistency, solubility, and washability—were evaluated. After it was ready, the formulation was assessed for physicochemical characteristics such color, smell, pH, spreadability, extrudability, consistency, solubility, and washability. Further stability testing of the formulation at various temperatures indicated no alteration in irritancy, spreadability, or diffusion. As a result, it might become a medium for efficiently and readily utilizing the therapeutic properties of Neem and Turmeric in a simple dose form.


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