Strategic Improvisation Role in Improving Sustainable Tourism Development: The Impact of Strategic Improvisation in Improving Sustainable Tourism Development, An Exploratory Study in The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities

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Miaad Kareem, Dr. Dina Hamid Jamal


The current study seeks to know determine role of strategic improvisation (SA) in its three dimensions (Essential Capabilities,(ICC) Strategic Flexibility(SF), Strategic Learning(SL)) as an independent variable , impact on improving sustainable tourism development (STD) in three dimensions (Economic Motive(EEM), Environmental Motive(EM), Social Motive(SM)) as an approved variable For a sample of upper middle levels in Iraqi Tourism Authority, in Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, researcher distributed (80) questionnaires, and (10) questionnaires that could not be analyzed were excluded according to the program (SPSS 25) to seek their opinions about availability of the variables researched in order to identify the relationships that targeted them. The study, and the verification two main hypotheses in the study, and the results of the study indicate the possibility of improving the requirements of tourism development (STD) improving them by employing dimensions of strategic agility. These variables interacted to form the general framework for research. It raises levels of development in changing environmental conditions in organization.


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