Legal Jurisprudential Investigation of Girls' Puberty

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M. Sarfi


Maturation is a source of responsibility for a great transformation in every person's life, in addition to physical and spiritual changes, and it takes the human being from the world of childhood and escape responsibility to the adolescent world. All the laws of the world are based on adulthood, and apart from the natural symptoms that have occurred in boys, such as being mentally motivated and appealing in the shade of hair, in girls, there are other symptoms that have been maturing for age. In the present article, the study of jurisprudence and legal issues regarding the maturity of the girls will be examined and verified, but in general it can be stated that there is a reputation and consensus among the Shi'a jurisprudents and fewer jurisprudents believed among the later jurisprudents maturity is at the age of 9, so there is a lot of fatwas in this regard. And, according to the legal rules of puberty, these are the natural and apparent changes that occur in the body and today the customary laws of today usually age 18 to be the basis for girls reach maturity.


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