Investigating the Fabrication and Application of Powder Forging Components Using Experimental Methods for Quality Assurance

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Mersedeh Mazloumi, Elham Aminzadeh, Fazlollah Mousavi


Water resources have become very important for the growing economy and population recently; therefore, the management of water resources requires multilateral approaches by states and other international actors. This situation is more complicated when a water source is shared or transboundary between several states; because the amount of these resources is limited and should be distributed fairly among neighboring states. The European Union has attracted a lot of attention due to its abundant water resources and the conclusion of many treaties by the member states. In order to solve the challenge of how to distribute water between opposite and neighboring states using legislative and judicial approaches, the principles of reasonable and fair use, assessing the potential, actual and future needs of each state and preventing harm to others along with cooperation between states in order to provide the maximum amount of services to the whole human society have been inferred.


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