Word Order in Dramatic Works Linguopoetic Analysis

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Sobirov Anvar Kuvandikovichin


In this article, the specific features of the word order used in dramatic works were compared with the poetic and prose types of the Uzbek literary language. Also, the linguopoetic possibilities of word order were revealed by analyzing all sentences in Mahmudhoja Behbudiu's drama "Padarkush" in terms of word order. The order of words in Uzbek is mostly free, but there is also a dependent order of words. This case shows a unique feature of Uzbek language sentence construction. While some clauses can appear in different places in the sentence, aurim clauses appear only in the muauuan position. When the syntactic status and function of words are defined on the basis of special grammatical tools (such as qualifiers, modifiers, auxiliaries), the order of words is free. The views were put forward that when the syntactic status and function of words is determined not on the basis of special grammatical means, but on the basis of their place in the sentence, the order of the words depends.


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